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Painting Animals with Personality and Charm...Suitable for beginning painters through advanced.

OCT 12-14, 2017, Valley Art Center, Clarkston, WA
Contact: Valley Art Center Workshop Coordinator, Alison Oman,

Fur and Feathers in Pastel – Painting Animals with Personality and Charm. Placing the animal in the correct habitat will be covered. This course will also discuss composition, color harmony, color temperature and eye path, which are always part of Cherry's workshops.

Cherry discovers each student's strengths and gives helpful and encouraging suggestions on pushing those strong skills while overcoming and developing weaker ones. Each artist leaves the class feeling it has been a positive experience and a move forward toward more professional, successful and enjoyable painting.


Cherry is a national sought after workshop instructor whose students take 'repeats' of her classes because of the boost it gives their painting skills. If you'd like to be added to her workshop list please email: